Beer Appreciation Class

herttelWant to know more about beer? Learn from the experts. A 3 hour class on a Saturday morning is all it takes. 2017 dates are TBD.

$75 please call to reserve your spot (802) 989 7414 or email

This class is aimed at beer enthusiasts and people who are new to craft beer who would like to learn more about how beer is made, what styles pair best with common foods, and proper serving and presentation methods.

Topics covered in detail will include;
• History of Beer and Brewing
• Brewing Ingredients
• Brewing Process Overview
• Beer Styles and
• Proper Presentation Techniques
• Sensory Analysis
• Food Pairing
• Beer and Cheese Sampling Session

This class will take place in Middlebury, Vermont at The American Brewers Guild’s 5600 square foot, modern facility featuring a classroom, laboratory and the nation’s only full-scale brewing facility dedicated to brewing education…….. link to American Brewers Guild Website for more details

4 thoughts on “Beer Appreciation Class

  1. The Beer & Cheese Maven

    Hire me to handle the cheese pairing segment! 22 commercial events in the last 6 years.

    Cheers for Cheese & Beers!

    Ruth Miller
    Richmond, VT

    1. Steve Parkes Post author

      Thanks so much for the offer Ruth… As we develop the class its possible we’ll add new instructors with areas of expertise we don’t share. We’ll be in touch when that time comes

  2. S. Kennedy

    I am looking for a week long program. I have been home brewing for a few years now, have learned a lot, but would like to know more.

    1. Drop-In Brewing

      We do offer a week long program called grain to glass and a weekend class called brewing science for advanced home brewer, we also have a weekend class called Lab Practices for small brewery or home brewers. All this can be seen on the American Brewers Guild website


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