Drop-In Beers

beersDrop-In beers are an expression of Steve’s character and his enviable sense of humor is reflected in every name. There is drinkability and innovation in every style.  Seven beers, including four rotating taps, make it certain that there is a beer for everyone.

Now on tap

Moutere Pale Ale


Supernova IPA

Blissed Out Stoke

Year Round (all the time)

Cans (16 oz) While Supplies Last 

Heart of Lothian

Sunshine & Hoppiness

Red Dwarf

Bottles Only  500 ml 

Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!  

Upcoming beers

Czech Your Ego & Oh Vienna

Single Hop Pale Ale Series




Regular reappearances (some more regular than others)

One offs



9 thoughts on “Drop-In Beers

    1. Drop-In Brewing Post author

      Hi Mike,
      We sell logs (5.2 gallon) of Heart of Lothain for $60 out of the brewery, $50 deposit $110 total, we have on occasion sold a full keg out of the brewery for weddings ect… so mostly logs, call the brewery to find the availability of logs as we can only fill them when they are returned in a reasonable amount of time.

  1. Wes Jewett

    Hello- heading up to beautiful Middlebury this weekend. Hoping you have Dude Are You Ok. Soooo good!

  2. Kelcie Bean


    I was recently at Localfolk Smokehouse in Waitsfield, VT and they had McKeever’s Mild on draft. I have to say, it really is the best beer I’ve ever had! I am not an IPA-lover and thus am always searching for a nice malty, rounded brew. Thank you so much for making it! I am going to put in a strong recommendation/request that you please continue to make it, or can you perhaps recommend another of your beers that I would love?

    Sad to See McKeever Go

    1. Drop-In Brewing Post author


      We are glad you really enjoyed the Mild! It is a beautiful beer style that sticks out as quite tasty while being balanced and low in alcohol. We can’t speak as to if it will be brewed again any time soon. Some the beers we make will go into the list of rotating recipes we brew once or twice a year, and some we might do only once. If you liked the mild, we also have an English Dark Mild that we have a few kegs of at the brewery, it is not on tap at the moment but will go on within the next month or so. Other similar beers we do are an English pale and and ESB which are in the line up for being brewed once a year. We think you would enjoy our Heart of Lothian (Scottish 90 Schilling Ale) or our Red Dwarf (American Amber Ale) which are both year round beers here at the brewery and Heart of Lothian be going into cans soon and being distributed across VT as well. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for the English Style beers, meanwhile you can always get the flagship beers at the brewery. Again thanks for your feedback.
      Drop-In Team


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