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Mr. & Mrs. Drop-In

The Drop-In Brewing Company has been in business since the summer of 2012. Opening their own brewery was a dream for Steve Parkes and Christine Mckeever-Parkes of Salisbury since purchasing the prestigious American Brewers Guild nearly fifteen years ago. Their dream became a reality when they acquired an old plumbing supply building on Route 7 South in Middlebury, Vermont. With over 30 years of commercial brewing experience, beginning with his own degree in brewing science at Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University, Steve will continue to brew a variety of artisan beers, that will continue to advance the craft brewing movement here in Vermont, and in America.


Our state of the art Newlands 15bbl brewing system

The Drop-In Brewing facility contains a brand new Newlands 15bbl brewing system, a tasting room complete with growlers and apparel, and is the permanent home of the American Brewers Guild – the nation’s premier brewing school for the craft brewing industry, which specializes in intensive brewing science and engineering courses for professional brewers. The ABG has been training and educating brewers from all corners of the globe for over 18 years.

Steve’s passion and experience are evident in each of his three featured beers. His flagship creation, Sunshine & Hoppiness, is light and crisp with delicious Belgian flavors that balance perfectly with American Cascade Hops. Another year-round production is the Heart of Lothian, a Scottish 90 shilling (inspired by the flavors of Steve’s homeland) with subtle nuances of chocolate and caramel. Red Dwarf is an American amber ale based on a recipe Steve made famous in California. Supernova IPA is a regular featured beer that changes based on the availability of aroma hops. River Song, Katarina Wit, Gupta’s Gleeful, and Dude, Are You OK? are among the occasional beers that show up from time to time

breweryEach of the beers brewed at Drop-In Brewing can be found on tap throughout the entire state of Vermont. As a kegging-only brewery, customers can experience tasting at the brewery and take home any of three different sized growlers. The ambiance within the tasting room is that of a small museum, with a collection of brewery memorabilia from throughout the United States on display. The beer at Drop-In Brewing is a must-try for any person visiting Vermont.