Dude, Are You OK?

dudeImperial IPA brewed using German Pilsner malt, Scottish ale malt, and English crystal malt. True to fashion, we added a LOT of hops, using Chinook, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. We chose not to filter this beer, preferring to “fine” it instead. 8.0% ABV

After the unfortunate loss of the original name for our brewery, co-owner Christine McKeever embarked on a quest to find the perfect new name by watching snowboarding videos on YouTube. After dozens of clips, she noticed that she kept hearing a single, simple phrase over and over again: “Dude are you OK?” As you can tell, we didn’t name our brewery “Dude are you OK? Brewing LLC”, but we knew we wanted to save it for a beer. We aspired to make a beer that would challenge the drinker; a beer with a ton of flavor and, if you forgive the blatant theft of a marketing term used at some time or other by every mega brewer, a beer created for the “bold and adventurous”

Dude are you OK? is an imperial IPA that weighs in at 8.0% abv and is brewed with a lot of hops. Fermentation was successful, leaving it with a clean profile and a dry finish. We haven’t filtered this beer, preferring to “fine” it instead. We used vegan-friendly fining agents so no animals were harmed making this beer.

*Imperial IPA’s are growing in popularity. The Alchemist, Lawson’s Finest Liquids and Hill Farmstead are leading the way in Vermont with world class versions of the style. Shortly after I left Otter Creek, Mike, Simon and Ron created a superb Imperial IPA back in 2009, but then they were always ahead of their time.

Read more about our Dude here!

6 thoughts on “Dude, Are You OK?

  1. Peter DesLauriers

    I am a faithful customer to my local brewery, the 14th Star, but I have 3 taps, and I thought I would try your Imperial IPA!

    I love it. Great deep taste, not as flavor killing as Heady, it is just the perfect beer between too little and too much!
    Great job. You will always have one of my taps, right next to my Tribute, and Valor!!


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